The 5 Best Sports Watches in 2019

5 best sports watches

The following listing ranks our pinnacle 5 favourite game best sports watches. In choosing these models we considered numerousfactorsconsisting of watches selected for ultimate yr’s alternatives, our very own personal reviews,

average purchaserrankings and on-line critiques, and outside professional opinions. From the first-class GPS watch for runners to the watch with the fine heart rate screen abilitiesthe following 5 best sports watches got here out because the excellent of the first-class in eachin their respective classes.

#1 Tom Tom Multi-Sport

The 5 Best Sports Watches in 2019 1

This Tom Tom watch was designed with easy use in mind. Whether running, swimming or biking the large display and one-button control allows for a quick view of your stats, but the sleek design means your wrist won’t feel weighed down. Bonus specs for those who spend lots of training time in the pool: the built-in swim sensor can record metrics like stroke efficiency, type and length.

Best For: running, swimming, cycling

#2 Polar V800

Polar V800

Described as a GPS enabled multisport device for “ambitious triathletes, runners and endurance athletes,” the Polar V800 tracks that typical stats like route, distance, speed, pace and altitude for running swimming and biking, but it goes beyond the abilities of your average watch with features like 24/7 activity tracking for a better picture of your recovery periods, customizable profiles for each sport and seamless sport transition capabilities for triathletes.  The watch package also includes a Bluetooth heart rate sensor that can be worn even while swimming.

Best For: triathlon, running, swimming, cycling

#3 Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

Designed entirely with runners in mind, this GPS watch from Nike boasts features like distance, pace, time split, elevation, calorie and route tracking, workout reminders, goal setting capabilities and social sharing functionality. Runners can personalize the display to show only the stats they want to see while working out and data from the watch can easily be uploaded to your computer. One reviewer on Amazon says, “If you’re looking for something [sleek] with great online activity, and an overall powerful motivating device, this Nike+ GPS is for you.”

Best For: Running

#4 Suunto Ambit 2

The 5 Best Sports Watches in 2019 2

Designed with all sports in mind, the Ambit 2 from Suunto offers GPS capabilities with the option for heart rate functionality as well. Dubbed by Suunto as the “GPS for explorers and athletes”, this multi-sport watch is chock full of high tech capabilities including navigational functions, the ability to record speed and altitude and weather condition information. What’s more, the watch can adopt more functions through thousands of Suunto Apps and it promises a battery life of up to 24 hours. “[It] works incredibly well for speedskating, running, biking, swimming, hiking, treadmill runs, skiing and general gym things,” one reviewer wrote of its versatile capabilities.

Best for: outdoor sports, hiking, trail running, mountain biking

#5 Timex Ironman® 30-Lap

The 5 Best Sports Watches in 2019 3

Features for this simple yet useful 30-lap watch from Timex include: three alarms, three time zones, a customizable menu, month, day and date display and an easy-to-use interface. Many online reviewers complement it for its comfortable band as well as easy access to the different modes. Frequently described as dependable, durable and multi-functional the Ironman is also waterproof for up 100M.

Best For: athletes of any level, track running, swimming, everyday use


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