The 5 Best Sports Watches in 2019

5 best sports watches

The following listing ranks our pinnacle 5 favourite game best sports watches. In choosing these models we considered numerousfactors, consisting of watches selected for ultimate yr’s alternatives, our very own personal reviews, average purchaserrankings and on-line critiques, and outside professional opinions. From the first-class GPS watch for runners to the watch with the fine heart rate screen abilities, the following 5 best sports watches got here out because the excellent of the first-class in eachin their respective classes. #1 Tom Tom Multi-Sport This Tom Tom watch was designed with easy use in mind. Whether running, swimming or biking the large display and […]

Fitbit Inspire HR review: Detailed fitness tracking for a low price

Fitbit Inspire HR review

Impressive feature lineup for the price • Easy setup • comfortable to wear • Mobile app integration works seamlessly Serious lack of extra features • Mobile notifications on the watch screen are useless • Step counter a bit generous at times It’s easily the best value in Fitbit’s product line, but don’t expect a lot […]

Fitness tips: three of the best primal yoga poses

Fitness tips: three of the best primal yoga poses 4

Awkward squat Strengthens knees and quads, improves achilles flexibility. Stand with feet hip‑width apart, arms in front, shoulder-width apart. Squeeze knees together, lifting heels 2cm off the floor, and slowly squat until hips touch your heels. Keep spine vertical, arms parallel. Squeeze knees together and lift hips 2cm off heels. Hold for 20 seconds, inhaling […]

This Guy Had a 142-Lb. Weight Loss After He Went on an Elimination Diet and Beat His Sugar Cravings


At 25 years old, Peter Perez was a college graduate with his whole life ahead of him. But one thing kept getting in the way: his weight. In the prime of his life, Perez was 342 pounds—the product of stress, work, and an inability to regulate his emotions without food. But he did have one […]

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard & It’s Never Too Late to Start


Elin Ekblom-Bak, a former professional soccer player in Sweden, has three kids at home. She still plays soccer for fun now and then, but between work and family life, getting regular exercise can be tough. Yet as a scientist who studies the effects of physical activity, Ekblom-Bak knows how important it is. So for daily […]

This 20-Minute CrossFit Workout Will Push You Hard and Make You Feel Alive!

20-Minute CrossFit Workout

You might ask: what’s the purpose of this total-body workout? The answer, at least from a CrossFit point of view, is to have you breathing heavily for 20 minutes straight, target every part of your body, and make you feel energized and alive! This is an AMRAP workout, which stands for “as many rounds as […]

10 fat-melting foods to bolster your weight-loss goals

fat-melting foods

Looking at yourself in the mirror can be quite frustrating if you are not able to accomplish your weight-loss goals even after working out religiously, following low-calorie diets trying and everything else that Google suggests. Well, there could be many things going wrong in your weight-loss plan. In fact, there is no blanket rule for […]

Post-Activation Potentiation: How This Unique Training Trick Can Help You

Post-Activation Potentiation: How This Unique Training Trick Can Help You 5

Post-activation potentiation (PAP) is a training concept that has garnered a lot of attention among lifters and strength coaches in recent years. Why? Because it has been shown to boost athletic performance both in research studies and practical settings. Most training techniques utilizing PAP involve a strength exercise paired with an explosive movement. You lift […]

You Should Eat After a Workout, Even If You’re Not Hungry — Here’s Why, According to 2 RDs

After a workout

As someone who has dabbled in intermittent fasting, one question that often comes up is whether it’s “bad” for your body to skip eating after a workout — whether you might sabotage your goals of building muscle and losing weight. I usually work out in the morning, as early as 5:30 a.m., but my eating […]

Female Hair Loss Products – Woman Pattern Baldness Treatments

HairHair LossWomen

Talk to your physician about your hair loss and the possibility of using woman hair loss products to reduce the number of hairs you lose in a day or even regrow some hair. Not that you can accurately count the hairs you lose every day but if you estimate that you are losing at least […]